Finding Happiness in the Dark

Darkness is part of the seasonal cycle and also the cycle of life. There are good times and hard times. The secret of happiness is to learn to flow with the rhythm of these cycles. Often this is a lot easier said than done. Everything is going great and then suddenly BAM— your car breaks […]

Transcending The Father Wound

June is for fathers. When I was a child, my father took my sisters and me model airplane flying. Youngest and smallest, I was terrified of crashing them, their whining motors tugging at my grip. My father guided me, holding my hand around the control handle until I had the feel of it and then […]

Freeing the Creative Power of the Fool

April 1st – April Fool’s Day. The Fool inspired this month’s illustration. The Fool is the perfect next step to last month’s blog: A Leap of Trust. In the Tarot, the Fool is the first card in the deck. The number zero. It represents the individual at the outset of the journey. The Fool is […]

A Leap of Trust

This month’s illustration is inspired by a card I made for my sister who was born on February 29 — a Leap Year baby. Leap Year is an interesting name for a year that has one extra day. Specifically, it refers to the jump in the progression of calendar days that happens from year to […]

Going for Your Dreams While Letting Go

In the act of committing to your dream, you set in motion a chain of amazing reactions . . . The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in […]

How to Sail the Winds of Change

The wind was blowing strong and fierce the other day — a warm, dry Santa Ana wind that rustled through the plastic tarps in the backyard, knocking off garbage lids and whipping the trees. Unusual for this time of year even for the Bay Area. It is the kind of wind that signals to my […]

How Contemplating Death Can Enhance Life

As the saying goes: Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes. Taxes, however, come due at predictable times, which forces us to prepare, even if we hate doing it. Death, on the other had, is completely unpredictable and so much easier to put it out of our minds until it is too late. […]

From Disaster to Self-Discovery

I read the letter in my faculty mailbox a second time. I could not believe it. St. Mary’s College was offering me a one-year renewal of my teaching position — a terminal contract. It was December 1977, just before Christmas break. Merry Christmas! I was sure there was some mistake, certainly a misunderstanding. I had […]