Grief Coaching

Are you devastated by the loss of someone close?

Do you feel confused, frightened, and abandoned in dealing with the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of your loss?

Are you struggling with loss of energy and focus, ability to accomplish things or to handle the demands of others?

Have you lost your appetite? Does sleep elude you?

Do you feel immobilized by a feeling of hopelessness?

Is it difficult to imagine a positive future for yourself?

Are you ready to consider a whole new approach to grief and loss?

Transforming Loss: From Surviving to Thriving

Grief, although a natural response to loss, can be disorienting, painful, and hard to manage. It can also be the doorway to a more powerful and purposeful life if you know the way.

In every crisis there is an impetus for transformation.

While loss often feels like hopeless devastation it contains a profound opportunity for self-discovery and renewal. Like the phoenix rising from its ashes, a new life can emerge with more meaning, greater clarity, and revitalized energy and purpose.

“The journey between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.”– Deangelis

Dr. Peticolas Grief CoachingAbout Michelle

Dr. Michelle Peticolas empowers professional women struggling with grief and loss so they can release their feelings, find closure and create a new life worth living.

Michelle has been working in the field of death and loss for over 15 years. She has a Ph.D. in Sociology with a minor in Psychology and has studied cutting edge death pioneers: Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, known for her 5 stages of grief and Stephen Levine, director of the first conscious dying project.

Wanting to take the conversation a step further, Michelle produced the award-winning 3-part documentary series, Secrets of Life and Death, featuring consciousness leader Ram Dass and Zen Hospice Founder Frank Ostaseski who also appeared in Bill Moyer’s 4-part PBS series, “On Our Own Terms.”

Michelle has been invited to speak and teach at universities, hospitals, hospices and professional organizations throughout Northern California. She has appeared on Voice America’s Good Grief, Comcast’s Newsmakers and KPFA’s Women’s Magazine.

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Women and Grief

Professional women often have a difficult time with grief, particularly in a culture like ours that puts a premium on being strong. Big boys don’t cry and neither do big girls. As a result they may not be able to let go of their loss. It gets stuck in their bodies. This can impact their health as well as all of their relationship both personal and professional.

To learn more, listen to Michelle’s recent talk for the Public Speakers Association and receive a powerful complementary gift that can help you with your grief right now.

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