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EventsDeath and loss are inevitable, yet few of us are prepared–spiritually, emotionally, physically or practically. Opening to the reality of change and loss provides a profound opportunity for growth and transformation. It can redefine the way we see ourselves and inform the way we live. But facing change with an open heart takes practice. Secrets of Life and Death offers these events to provide a safe and supportive place for this practice.

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No Regrets: 3 Keys to Your Brilliant Life

FREE Online Webinar
Thursday, March 1, 2018 5:30-6:30pm

Do you want to Live and Die without Regrets?

Hospice nurse Bronnie Ware, author of Five Regrets of the Dying, said the number one regret is not living a life true to yourself.

How are you doing?

  • Are you afraid to reveal who you truly are?
  • Do you have talents and gifts you are yearning to share?
  • Are you holding back, playing small, staying safe?
  • Do you struggle with overwhelm or self-doubt?

Our inner brilliance, passion, and life force are often tamped down, even crushed early in life through emotional wounding, neglect, trauma, or misguided parenting. We learn to play it safe, to accommodate, to follow the rules. It works for a while. It may even keep us alive. Eventually, it leads to frustration, dissatisfaction, stress and overwhelm. Which can lead to numbness, disconnection and of course, regrets.

The good new is We Can CHANGE! Reclaiming our gifts and passion is not only possible, it is essential.

I would like to show you how on the completely FREE on-line webinar: No Regrets.

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Grieving Room
With Dr. Michelle Peticolas
Creating a New Life After Loss
 Sunday, March 11th 2018, 2 pm – 3:30pm
Albany Library
1247 Marin Ave, Albany, CA
Free Event

Building on the information and practices in the last Grieving Room on February 22, we will explore in greater depth the process of releasing the past in order to move bravely into the future. It’s ok if you didn’t go the the February meeting. There will be a review.

Participants will learn:

– How to deal with fear and self-doubt
– Tools for taming the blaming mind
– How to use loss as fuel for moving into your new life

This is not just for people who have experienced a recent loss. Grieving has no expiration date. Those struggling with old emotional wounds and trapped feelings are also welcome.

• What to bring
Water, notebook, pen.

• Important to know
It is not necessary to come to the Feb 21 evening meet-up. If you can, it would be good.


Online Interviews


The Voice of Stockton
3 Tips for a Better Caregiving Experience
Interview by host, Betty Ramirez Atkins
November 14, 2017

41 minutes

Dr. Michelle Peticolas share 3 tips for a better caregiving experience.


Voice America’s “Journey to Balancing Your Life”
Releasing Trapped Emotions to Thrive
Interview with Host Brandy T. Jones
June 22, 2017

58 minutes

It’s impossible to have balance in your life if you’re overwhelmed with loss or grief. Dr. Michelle Peticolas joins Brandy to discuss trapped emotions — where they come from and how affect your body, work and relationships.



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