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Michelle recently appeared on The Paradise Within Show with host, Neary Heng, to discuss How to Understand the Process of Dying and Grieving.

Listen to the replay:

Part I

Part II


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 Interview with Tom DeZao

Dr. Michelle Peticolas recently appeared on KDIA 1640’s radio show: Aging By The Bay and talked about the losses and grief that accompanies aging and caring for the aging.

Listen to the recording here.


In Print

The Wave

Jan/Feb. 2017
Darkness into Light by Michelle Peticolas, The Wave, Jan/Feb. 2017 Issue. Page 14-15.
There will be good times and hard times. The secret of happiness is to learn to flow with the rhythm of this cycle and not let the hard times get you down. Of course, sometimes this is a lot easier said than done. I know this from experience. Read More on Page 14.

Media Reviews Online

September 8, 2011
Review by Gerald Notaro
A personal loss of her parents motivated filmmaker Michelle Peticolas to produce a series of three films, The Secrets of Life and Death, of which this DVD is the last. . ..Read More

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Overcoming the Stress and Overwhelm of Loss – Voice America’s Leadership Stars

Interview with Host Linda Patten
April 3, 2017
59 minutes

Learn how trapped emotions can create stress and overwhelm and tool to release them:


Get Michelle’s free audio recording gift: Stress Release Body Scan

Exploring Loss and True Love – Voice America’s Empowering Women Transforming Lives

Interview with Host Rebecca Hall Gruyter
February 14, 2017
59 mins
Click Play to listen.

A New Approach To Grief

Annie Jennings PR Podcast
February 2, 2017
7 mins
Click Play to listen.

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Interviews with Dr. Michelle Peticolas

January 4, 2017
“My number 1 tip is to allow your feelings.”

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