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EventsDeath is inevitable, yet few of us are prepared–spiritually, emotionally, physically or practically. Opening to the reality of our physical finitude, to its experiences of change and loss, provides a profound opportunity for growth and transformation. It can redefine the way we see ourselves and inform the way we live. But facing death with an open heart takes practice. Secrets of Life and Death offers these events to provide a safe and supportive place for this practice.


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Keys Keys to Getting the Emotional Support You Need

With Dr. Michelle Peticolas

Wednesday, June 21, 2017
7:00 pm

The Grieving Room

Near El Cerrito Plaza Bart (directions provided after registration)

Advanced payment is $10. At the door $15. PREPAY HERE

Humans are social animals. They are designed to bond. Bonding and connection help the human animal feel safe. When there is a crisis or when significant social bonds are broken through death or break up, the human animal shifts into survival mode. Getting social support is essential for easing fear and reassure the inner animal so that you can move forward and take care of yourself.

In this Grieving Room meeting we will focus on how to get the emotional support you need when the challenges of life show up. In this session you will learn:

– How broken bonds affect your health
– The #1 secret to get support and avoid rejection
– Ways to maintain healthy boundaries while receiving the emotional support we all need.

This is not just for people who have experienced a recent loss. Unattended sorrows from the past do not heal on their own. This is an opportunity to clean house as well as address current concerns. I will be sharing some of my best secrets for getting the support you need.

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Online Interviews

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June 1st, 2017

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